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This little space has done its job well & has been the perfect place to share many memories & stories during our first three years of marriage- I've loved it!
But now? Now it's time to move forward & begin sharing in a new light via a new place -
I hope to see you there!



Delicious Fall Treat: "Pumpkin" Spice Juice!

The last thing I want to do on a frosty fall morning is down a freshly made juice.
A steaming cup of French-pressed coffee, yes... but cold veggie juice? Not so much.
At least this  was the case * before*  my  new, very Fall-ish  indulgence:
Allow me to introduce my  "Pumpkin" Spice Juice.
It's like pumpkin pie in a cup. Minus the pumpkin...& the pie.


4-5 large carrots
1 small green apple
1 red apple (I use a Gala or Fuji apple)
1 small orange
1/4 inch of fresh ginger root
1/4 cup of organic, unsweetened almond milk
1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice (or equal parts of cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves)
1/4 teaspoon of 100% vanilla extract


1) Juice your carrots, apples, orange & ginger
2) Mix in your almond milk, spices & vanilla
3) Experience a healthy fall party in your mouth

So quick & easy... & it (almost) replaces my daily need for a homemade pumpkin spice  latte! Feel free to add more spices to it- I usually throw in an extra shake or so of cinnamon.

I'm off to Tennessee for a weekend of wedding photography & my cup is overflowing with joy. A majority of my time this week has been spent doing things that fill my heart & it feels so right. Looking forward to sharing more soon! 

Enjoy your weekend- hope it's filled with a lot of pumpkin fun.

Happy Friday!


sorry, 31 days!

Yes, I clearly failed at the 31 days of blogging commitment. I hate to use "life is so busy" as an excuse, because it's a lame one. But honestly. Life has been so busy. I was in New York this entire week for work & had zero free time. Even though "blog!" found its place on my daily to-do list, I never found the time to check it off my planner. 

And I now realize something:
Sometimes you've got to tell yourself to chill out and breathe, even when it involves not sticking to something you wanted to stick to!
(Good thing to learn, even for the most planner of planners!)

Today, too, is jam packed. So, in lieu of a  healthier, happier & greener post, here's a glimpse of the past week in my world (c/o my lovely iphone) 

happy weekend!
mine will be filled with photo sessions, fall weather & maybe a cup of coffee (or three!)


a few of my favorite snacks {day 11 of 31}

Yes - I know. 
I did not write yesterday. 
We have a lot on our plates right now (prayers appreciated - I hope to share more soon)
& there are quite a few "grown up decisions" to be made in the next few weeks. . . 
that said the 31 Days series is still a priority but it is not TOP priority in my life right now. 

I wanted to share a three of my favorite "go-to" snacks because I love snacks & find that they are often the very food choices in our lives that do not necessarily promote a greener & healthier & happier life style :) 

No 1: Vega One Protein"Good for your body and the planet, Vega is the clean, plant-based nutrition choice to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle—without compromise."

Not only is this stuff straight up good for you - but it tastes like delicious ice cream when blended with ice & some water (or almond milk!) after a work out or for breakfast or for a snack.

No 2: Fresh Cucumbers & Homemade HummusI bring sliced cucumbers & a little container of homemade hummus* when I know I'm going to be out all day - it's quick & easy & doesn't necessarily have to be refrigerated!*Homemade Hummus = so easy! Grab a can of organic chickpeas & a tablespoon of fresh tahini + juice from half a lemon + 2 tablespoons of olive oil + salt & pepper to taste - throw into blender of food processor = so easy!
No 3: Fresh Organic Salsa + Romaine Lettuce
Another on-the-go snack! The romaine adds a perfect crunch without all the salt & carbs from normal tortilla chips (love those too! But definitely don't want to eat 'em ALL the time!)

Bonus: Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water - AKA "Sweet Heavenly Love"
This is not sold in a lot of places in North Carolina yet,
BUT you can usually find it at Whole Foods or Fresh Market
(it's everywhere in NYC - which is where my love for it was founded!)
It is WAY better for you than Vita Coco or Zico (both which have tons of fillers) and it totally lives up to its
claim of being "the best coconut water in the whole world"!
It's pricey but you should try it at least once :)

Happy Weekend!


do what you love {day 9 of 31}

This entry is taken from a recent entry on my photography blog because I feel like it's incredibly relevant to fully experiencing a greener, happier & healthier life: 

When we returned to NC, I decided it was time to stop ignoring what fills my soul with happiness.

I re-launched my photography site, designed & printed new business cards & began seeking God daily – circling Him with prayers, asking Him to show me if photography is something I should continue to invest my heart/time/money into. After weeks of the same morning prayers, new opportunities have been appearing out of nowhere!

I have learned that it is absolutely vital to utilize your passions, gifts & talents.  By walking away from photography, I essentially took a part of my heart and laid it to rest. I could spend six hours taking and/or editing photos & not even realize more than 15 minutes have passed; I get excited daydreaming about shoot ideas and am inspired by reading hours upon hours of photography blogs/websites... it’s what makes my soul soar.
In short: if you’re not doing what you love, then you will certainly not love what you do... And you will, therefore, not be living a greener & healthier & happier, life!

>>> What do YOU love to do that makes your soul happy?
Are you making enough room in the margins of your life to pursue these things?
If not, find a way to make time & start doing it... As I always say, it is so worth it!


seeking rest {day 8 of 31}

{Oak Hill on Love Lane Bed & Breakfast  | Waynesboro, NC  |  Fall 2011}

*I know, I missed three days of this series. BUT, as a disclaimer, I had already decided that I would not be writing over the weekend; I’ve had a hard time saying “no” to lots of things lately & have been way, way too busy for my own good. And I can’t be writing a series on greener, healthier & happier lives if I’m not practicing what I preach… as for missing Monday, I just ran out of time. My job , although remote from NYC, has been packed to the brim. Hence the following theme.

Work. Meetings. Events. Exercise. Coffee Dates. Happy Hours. Birthday Parties. Date Nights. Bible Studies. Community Groups. Social Media. Volunteering. Errands. Cooking. Cleaning. Dog Walking.… go. Go. GO!

Our world encourages lives overflowing with clamor. The fuller & more colorful our planners, the better… or so says (lies?) our culture. Having a lot to do each day isn’t bad, it’s just not good when even the margins in our lives transform into notepads & to-do lists & scheduled little allotments of time. 

I’ve written about a few keys to living a greener, happier & healthier lifestyle, but I have yet to mention an essential piece … rest. Next to focusing time on God, rest is one of the most vital things you can give your body, soul & mind. 

This doesn’t necessarily suggest lounging on the couch all day watching Netflix (and hey, maybe this okay once in a while! Charles & I certainly had some freezing NYC winter Saturdays doing just this!), but it can also mean taking an hour a day to read, sit quietly with a mug of coffee, write, close your eyes for half an hour, or simply saying“NO” to one meeting or appointment. Even for extroverts & those of us who thrive on schedules, giving yourself alone time each day to quiet your mind and still your heart is imperative. 
{Battery Park Book Exchange |  Asheville, NC  |  Fall 2012} |

I find that when I give myself "rest time" each day, my heart and mind slip into a perfect rhythm. It’s so effortless to fill every moment with lists & forget about the simplistic beauty of giving your body quiet moments to recuperate. But I encourage you to go against the grain of the “stay busy” mentality. Add half an hour to your day to begin with & then try working your way to a full hour. I know, it’s difficult. Our minds tell us “NO, this isn’t okay! You need to be doing something”, but that whispering Voice will tell you otherwise… that it’s okay to be still, that it’s beneficial to be quiet & that it’s good to rest.!

Happy Tuesday!


the perfect three {day 4 of 31}

Reading Truth.

Those three things used to find their home on my “spiritual well being” spoke on my wheel of life, but throughout this year, God has opened my heart & eyes to the important fact that these aspects of my life really needed to be placed in the absolute center of my wheel. I’ve learned that in allowing these things to be the primary drivers in my life, I am more prone to hearing His voice, gaining His insight & moving forward with His best plan... through this, I am able to experience a healthier & happier life in ways I really had not experienced before.

Implementing these elements into my life in more prominent ways was not a transition that unfolded miraculously overnight; it took multiple relationships, important decisions & days that were so challenging that I literally prayed without ceasing for patience/strength. Sounds melodramatic, I know, but it is reality!

I found that when I set aside a specific time each day dedicated to prayer, alone time & reading God’s word, my overall sense of peace, grace &, yes, happiness, flourished in ways it had not before. I fully believe that through the implementation of this trichotomy allowed me to begin experiencing life to its absolute fullest! 

Maybe you’ve already figured out how to center your life around these things, but if not, the following might be a helpful way to get your head & heart in the right place:

1) Music! Try starting your day off with “All Sons & Daughters” on Pandora or Spotify; I found that getting ready to this music centered my (not-a-morning-person) attitude & mind around the right things… instead of having negative “Ew, why I am I awake before the sun” thoughts, I started having “Let’s  do this day” thoughts.

2) Books! I’ve mentioned before that Charles & I recently read “The Circle Maker” 40-Days of Prayer devotional. I know there has been controversy about this book in some realms of the Church, but it allowed us to begin focusing our lives on God-centered prayer & aligned our hearts in ways that only He can do. It was through our prayers that He revealed His purpose for us to leave our beloved NYC and begin a new journey in NC… among many other things. If you’re looking for more discipline and direction in your prayer life, we really recommend it.

3) Bible Reading! Even if you just begin by reading one Psalms and one Proverbs a day, you’re still reading His word. From there, you’ll begin noticing that you want to learn more. It just takes the baby steps of purposing to study Truth each day.

4) Talking! Find someone you can share your heart, concerns & dreams with, and I mean really share with. None of this fake “I’m great all the time and perfect and OMG all my dreams are coming true! YAY!” stuff. You need to find someone you can be honest & open with, who will challenge you & help you grow. Having hard conversations is a good thing – when you begin to open up those tiny little crevices & release things you’re holding back, Truth shines in & your heart will be so much lighter... and you'll be happier!

Apply prayer & solitude & Truth reading to your daily life & you will begin to experience a healthier & happier life in ways that you did not know were possible. Promise. It does not mean that you won’t have hard days & moments (you will), but it does mean that when these times appear (and they will, often), you’ll be fully equipped to face them with strength.

Happy weekend!

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