the perfect three {day 4 of 31}

Reading Truth.

Those three things used to find their home on my “spiritual well being” spoke on my wheel of life, but throughout this year, God has opened my heart & eyes to the important fact that these aspects of my life really needed to be placed in the absolute center of my wheel. I’ve learned that in allowing these things to be the primary drivers in my life, I am more prone to hearing His voice, gaining His insight & moving forward with His best plan... through this, I am able to experience a healthier & happier life in ways I really had not experienced before.

Implementing these elements into my life in more prominent ways was not a transition that unfolded miraculously overnight; it took multiple relationships, important decisions & days that were so challenging that I literally prayed without ceasing for patience/strength. Sounds melodramatic, I know, but it is reality!

I found that when I set aside a specific time each day dedicated to prayer, alone time & reading God’s word, my overall sense of peace, grace &, yes, happiness, flourished in ways it had not before. I fully believe that through the implementation of this trichotomy allowed me to begin experiencing life to its absolute fullest! 

Maybe you’ve already figured out how to center your life around these things, but if not, the following might be a helpful way to get your head & heart in the right place:

1) Music! Try starting your day off with “All Sons & Daughters” on Pandora or Spotify; I found that getting ready to this music centered my (not-a-morning-person) attitude & mind around the right things… instead of having negative “Ew, why I am I awake before the sun” thoughts, I started having “Let’s  do this day” thoughts.

2) Books! I’ve mentioned before that Charles & I recently read “The Circle Maker” 40-Days of Prayer devotional. I know there has been controversy about this book in some realms of the Church, but it allowed us to begin focusing our lives on God-centered prayer & aligned our hearts in ways that only He can do. It was through our prayers that He revealed His purpose for us to leave our beloved NYC and begin a new journey in NC… among many other things. If you’re looking for more discipline and direction in your prayer life, we really recommend it.

3) Bible Reading! Even if you just begin by reading one Psalms and one Proverbs a day, you’re still reading His word. From there, you’ll begin noticing that you want to learn more. It just takes the baby steps of purposing to study Truth each day.

4) Talking! Find someone you can share your heart, concerns & dreams with, and I mean really share with. None of this fake “I’m great all the time and perfect and OMG all my dreams are coming true! YAY!” stuff. You need to find someone you can be honest & open with, who will challenge you & help you grow. Having hard conversations is a good thing – when you begin to open up those tiny little crevices & release things you’re holding back, Truth shines in & your heart will be so much lighter... and you'll be happier!

Apply prayer & solitude & Truth reading to your daily life & you will begin to experience a healthier & happier life in ways that you did not know were possible. Promise. It does not mean that you won’t have hard days & moments (you will), but it does mean that when these times appear (and they will, often), you’ll be fully equipped to face them with strength.

Happy weekend!

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  1. This is so darn true. Those 3 things have made the WORLD of a difference in my life. So glad you stopped by for 31 days! I am excited that you are mentoring young girls. I have no doubt in my mind that my mentor was sent to me from Jesus Himself, and I'm sure you are the same in those girls' lives!